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GCshare is in the beta phase of development. Regular site updates are made to enhance your experience! Provide feedback

About Us

There is lots to learn and lots to teach,
and you need a solid place to start

GCshare is here to speed up
and enrich learning design in the
Government of Canada.


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What is GCshare

GCshare is a content sharing and discovery platform for open educational resources (OERs) initiated by the Government of Canada. Our goal is to support the learning professionals in creating quality learning experiences.

Think of it as a starting place, a shortcut, to jumpstart your learning design.

Through this platform you can:

  • Find learning content to reuse
  • Build on the work that others have done
  • Share your work with the global learning community
  • Learn from the work of others

How does GCshare work

There are 4 things you need to know about GCshare:

  • Anyone in the world can access and contribute to this open platform
  • All resources on the platform are free to use under Creative Commons licenses or other open permissions
  • Resources you share don’t have to be polished or bilingual; work-in-progress is welcome
  • We help you tag resources, so others can find and reuse them

What’s the value of GCshare

In one sentence: You don’t have to develop learning content from scratch!
But wait, there is so much more.

Here are some benefits mentioned by the learning professionals:

  • Save time looking for and developing content
  • Get more time for accessibility and other improvements
  • Add different perspectives into your learning
  • Find collaborators
  • Share your expertise across the government and beyond
  • Learn how to create reusable content
  • Get feedback from the community

There are also broader benefits of open educational resources:

  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Provide equitable access to knowledge for organizations with smaller training budgets
  • Share the cost of learning development
  • Support continuous learning and knowledge transfer
  • Make it easier to adapt to new learning and social trends
  • Contribute to Open Government(link open in a new tab)

How did GCshare get started

  • An observation of almost 20 years, developed into a desire to reduce duplication across government, save money and become more efficient;
  • leading to a 2 day Design Jam with 6 different government organizations in 2019, focusing on an exploration of “How might we encourage content sharing across government?”; and
  • inspiring a platform for sharing open educational resources in support of resilient learning solutions in 2021 and beyond

Who is behind GCshare

GCshare is developed by the Research, Design and Accessibility team at the Canada School of Public Service in partnership with eCampusOntario.

Our expertise

Our team is made up of experts in the fields of education, engineering, research, design, information organization and information technology.

We will support you with content discovery, research, testing and usability improvements to the platform.

Our mandate

To promote, enable and create space for open learning and open educational resources across the Government of Canada and beyond.​

Our vision

A unified, digital learning platform where individuals can easily access all of the learning resources developed by the Government of Canada and from other partnering institutions.

This vision is supported by the following values:

  • We create together
  • For multiple uses and opportunities
  • With accessibility and inclusion from the start
  • We share openly, broadly and generously
  • We don’t aim for perfection
  • We welcome feedback
  • We learn from the process as much as the outcome
  • Anyone can share quality content